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Keysible keyboard makes your cell phone and tablet typing comfortable, accurate and fast.


Keysible provides uninterrupted view of the keyboard. Your finger would not hide the keys. The keyboard is always clear and visible.


Keysible is the only soft keyboard that allows ergonomic two thumb typing on cell phones and smaller tablets.


Keysible is the solution to big finger and small cell phone keyboard problem.



· Provides uninterrupted view of the entire keyboard

· Allows easier, faster and more accurate typing on any touch screen.

· Makes one thumb and two thumb typing easy and practical.

· Includes word suggestion.

· Learns your frequently used words and suggests them first.

· Includes personal dictionary.


How it works

· Looking at the keyboard, touch or slide finger on the blank area below the keyboard to select a key. Lift your finger to enter the selected key.


Since you always have a clear view of the keyboard, the blank area, and your finger, soon you will feel where to touch exactly for the right key without the need to even slide your finger. If you touch a little off, you will know by the highlighted key and slide the finger to the right spot.


· -  To add a new word to personal dictionary, tap on it in the word suggestion box.


· - To remove a word from personal dictionary, long press on it in the word suggestion box.


One hand typing with your thumb

You can even type with one hand using your thumb.


Two hand typing with your thumbs

You may also type with two thumbs jus as in a mechanical cell phone keyboard.


Type as in a game console

keep sliding one thumb to select keys, and tap anywhere on the screen with the other thumb to enter the selected keys.


Two hand typing on Samsung Galaxy and HTC Flyer Tabs

Regular tab keyboards are too big which make two thumb typing impractical. Keysible is the perfect keyboard for these tabs and allows comfortable two hand typing.


How to enable Keysible

- Go to Settings.

- Go to Language and keyboard.

- Select Keysible.

- Tap on OK.

- Open any application with a text box.

- Long press in the text box to open Edit text window.

- Select Input method to open Input method options.

- Select Keysible.



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See the full view of your keyboard when typing

Keysible allows comfortable and accurate two hand typing on your cell phone and tablet

 Word suggestion and

personal dictionary